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Get Involved

Welcome to Beyond Expectations. I’m delighted you’re here and looking forward to hearing about your breastfeeding story. 

Find out if this project is for you:

  • The project will be a collection of images of parents breastfeeding their child(ren) or expressing milk for their child(ren). To be able to take part, you simply have to have breastfed or expressed for longer than you expected you would before you started.

  • I particularly encourage people with disabilities and people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to get in touch as these groups are vastly under-represented in the project as it currently stands.
  • The images may be used online and in print form. I hope to also have an exhibition in Birnam Arts in Autumn 2024. By taking part, you are giving me permission to use the images this way.

  • Photoshoots will take place at various dates throughout the rest of 2023 and first few months of 2024.

  • Photoshoots will last between 15 minutes to one hour… Or longer if you want to have a cuppa and a blether about breastfeeding and all it entails!

  • I am open to travelling in Scotland for the project but due to my own family commitments, priority will be given to people who can travel to Perth and the surrounding area.

  • If you are comfortable, I would prefer to shoot the images in a public setting to help normalise breastfeeding in everyday life. I’m also open to capturing moments in the places you perhaps did not expect to breastfeed (in the car/at the supermarket/on the train).

  • I’ll be asking all parents to complete a short questionnaire about your breastfeeding experiences and what it means to you. Excerpts from this may be used in blogs, social media, print materials, a possible book and with any exhibition.

  • As a thank you for taking part, you will receive at two high-resolution images in digital format from your photoshoot. 

    Still game? Thought you would be! To get booked in you need to do these things:

    1. Drop me a message and let me know the following information:
      1. You & your little’s names
      2. Your preferred pronouns
      3. If you identify as any of the following: 
        • Ethnic minority
        • Parent or child with disability/disabilities
        • LGBTQIA+ family
        • NICU family
        • Young parent (under 24)
        • Combi-feeding/Exclusively expressed/ Chest-feeding using tube
      4. How long you have fed for
      5. Location where you would prefer to have your photoshoot (e.g. which city/town/village and if you prefer to be at home or in public)
      6. A rough timeline if you think you are going to stop feeding anytime in the next 3 months.

2. Submit a Request for dates & times via this link and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

[Note: There may not be dates available on this link as they get booked up quickly – if this is the case, please use the link under the calendar to submit a request]