Real Girls, Real Beauty

It’s so important for us to think carefully about the messages and lessons we are teaching young people. Girls in particular struggle with self image and we often forget that by telling them they’re pretty and beautiful before telling them they’re clever or hard working or kind that we’re reinforcing the idea that the former are more important than the latter.

Real Girls, Real Beauty is a project to help empower girls & women to realise that beauty lies in their loves, dreams, passion and talents instead of purely on what they look like. Each session is carefully tailored to include 5 things the girls and women love about themselves from reading to baking, drawing to yoga, their hair to their eyes and even horse-riding to trampolining.

Real Girls, Real Beauty Gallery

Real Girls Real Beauty
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Real Women, Real Beauty Gallery

Real Women Real Beauty
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Read more about the inspiration and idea to begin this project in my blogs “Real Girls, Real Beauty : A New Photography Project” and “What’s Wrong With This Picture“.

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2015-05-07 20.31.32 2015-07-20-000-Mei-Photography-Real-Girls-Real-Beauty-A-Hewson Sneak Preview Sneak Preview - Charley Balmer
Sneak Preview - Jo Balmer Sneak Peek - Meesh - RGRB RGRB - Katy - Sneak Peek 1
RGRB Minto WR  Real Women Real Beauty - Hannah B

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