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And then there were four…

My childhood friend asked me to help them make an exciting announcement recently.  A new addition to their wee family is on the way!   047_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR

Not-so-little Christopher will soon be a big brother…

006_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR

…and have a Luigi to his Mario.

030_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR

It’s always a treat to work with friends and family but to be involved with such a special moment in my friend’s life so early on was a real privilege.  We had a fun afternoon taking lots of different photos and trying to keep a boisterous toddler entertained long enough to sit still for me to snap the shutter.  To say it’s a challenge is an understatement.  I think we all had to take extended naps afterwards.  However, entertaining a toddler, faux mustaches, Super Mario Bros, lots of laughter and taking photos is definitely not a terrible day at work… x

010_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography B&W WR 033_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 020_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 012_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR
017_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 038_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 045_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography B&W WR
008_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 018_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR 003_2015-11-03-Family-Portrait-K-M-C-Mei-Photography WR

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