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Farewell 2014! Hello 2015! x

There are moments which mark your life. Moments when you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts – before this, and after this. – Fallen

This past year has been a big one for me.  I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to start up my own business doing what I love, taking photographs.  It’s been a dream of mine to own a small business and I’m so excited to be chasing after my dream.  So far it’s been challenging, exciting and demanding as I learn the ropes and just begin to understand all that’s involved.

The support has been amazing.  I’m blessed with a extraordinarily talented and generous group of family and friends who help make everything just that bit easier.  So it seems fitting that I end 2014 with a Thank You to everyone for their love and support.  I’ll try to remember everything but if I forget something let me know!

Thank you to…

  • My parents!  For always encouraging me and supporting my decision to leave my job and go out on this adventure and for helping me find the funds to add to my ever-growing photography kit.  Plus, they also have a growing collection of my work in their home.  I’m sure they’ll show it to you if you fancy a visit!
  • My talented friend Stephen who spent many, many hours working with me to design my logo.  I love it and get compliments on it all the time.  Thank you for your patience.
  • Jenny & Robert at Glasgow Science Centre who made it possible for me to have my first ever exhibition and kept it on display for a whole year.
  • Johanna, who has been a fan and supporter of my work for a couple of years now and even traveled to see my exhibition (it was lovely to finally meet you a couple of weeks ago!).
  • Louisa, who bought my first official print and made me believe that this might actually be something I can do.
  • Kim, who not only encouraged me to go for it after finding success and happiness in her own small business (Kimmycakesuk – check her out!) but also got me my first official portrait session booking with the lovely Peer Family.

Collage of images from family photo shoot

  • Katy, who has been working on her own business venture and cheering me on with mine, every step of the way.
  • Ian, Sharon, Katy, Morna & Yaz who booked me to return to GSC and capture photos of the events there.  I had a great time and was happy to be involved.  Exciting and engaging people with science will always be an important part of my life.
Scottish Water Event
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  • Everyone who has worked with me and given me honest feedback to help me figure out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Laura, who put in hours of work to build this website and also spent weeks teaching me how to edit it and structure it myself.  Your never-ending patience has been amazing while I struggle through all the jargon!
  • Craig, Sophie, Jo, Joanna, Johanna, Claire, Lynn, John and my parents for looking over my website and checking it made sense.
  • Fiona, Jennifer, Ian and Steven who have agreed to be part of a mini advisory board and offer their expertise and guidance in the future.
  • Claire and Mairi who bought various prints of my Squirrel photos – some of my favourite shots from the year and made me even more determined to move in to wildlife photography.

There is no gallery selected or the gallery was deleted.

  • Siobhan, for taking the time to look over my contracts and terms & conditions and made all the legal talk something I could actually follow!
  • Everyone who has liked my page, retweeted my images, commented on Facebook, 365project or 500px – it may seem a very small thing on your side but trust me, it means a lot to me.  Every little like and comment lifts my spirit and keeps me ploughing through the less glamorous side of being a small business owner (special nod to Jo B, Johanna and Sophie as they’ve been especially supportive in the world of social media!).
  • And last, but far from least, Ewan. My other half. My better half. He has been everything from a problem solver to a food provider; a shoulder massager to a copy editor; a tech adviser to my much needed comedy relief; my number one fan and the all important shoulder to cry on when I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the process.  I would not be here without you.

Thanks so much to you all.  You’ve all played a part in making a dream come true.  I cannot wait for the excitement and adventure in 2015 and I’m looking forward to my first run of bookings with my niece’s birthday party, the Mpiana family and a trip to see the Red Kites again.

Best wishes for you and yours in 2015! xx

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