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Love & Laughter – A Scottish Castle Wedding x

As you possibly already know, I don’t often shoot weddings. They are a specialty I’ve only just started to graze the surface of and my busy travelling schedule means I tend to cover just one or two each year.

On occasion, however, I find myself in the wonderful position of being asked to capture the moments of this special day for some important people in my life.  When my good friends Nicola & Dave got in touch to ask me if I’d be their photographer, I didn’t hesitate. I was delighted to be asked.

Wedderburn Castle was the stunning backdrop for a brilliant couple of days with their nearest and dearest. Both grand and welcoming, it was the perfect balance for their celebrations.

Scotland is well known for it’s “four seasons in one day” weather and true to form there was glorious, baking sunshine one minute and lashing rain the next. Our carefully planned locations for the photos morphed in to running outside whenever we got a break in the rain. Despite the weather, these two rocked their shoot and were game for getting out there – which meant we managed to capture images in the beautiful castle grounds.

Nicola’s gorgeous wedding dress was by Whistles and with a little help from Fabricated Bridal, the dress was absolutely perfect. Nicola is always beautiful, but on her wedding day she was particularly exceptional. Dave took the opportunity to get himself smartly kilted up by Slanj and proudly wore the blue Clark tartan alongside his Dad.

Team Bride were treated to some lovely pampering with their hair and make-up styled by Laura Mallace Mobile Hairstyling and KJ Shields Make Up Artist. It was one of the most relaxed wedding mornings I’ve been part of, lots of Ed Sheeran playing, party snacks a-plenty, the guys chilling out until the last minute, gorgeous gifts for everyone… As with all weddings, there were some last minute changes, and unexpected turns but it was all taken in their stride. Just the way you want it to be!

A lot of attention to detail from this Bride & Groom really made the day stand out as their own. From the Whisky map of Islay to personalised photo-place-cards; hilarious guestbook prompts to cheese, cheese and more cheese at the evening buffet – these little touches delighted the guests and stood out as moments to remember. Lorraine Graham Flowers added the finishing touches with beautiful summery bouquets, buttonholes and features for the ceremony and reception.

The ceremony was conducted by Humanist Celebrant, Penny Earle – Dave & Nicola had made the effort to tailor it so it was unique to them and much to everyone’s delight, they spent the whole ceremony smiling and laughing.

And then there was the dancing. The Sleekit Beasties provided the perfect mix of ceilidh and pop to keep everyone entertained and the dance-floor full. I don’t usually stay for the full night but since I was a guest as well as the photographer, I kept shooting until my cards were almost full! And then it was time for some rum and the Orcadian Strip the Willow!

Huge Congratulations Nicola & Dave! It was such an honour to be part of your celebrations and I’m so glad I got to capture so many happy moments for you to treasure. Here’s to many more years of love & laughter together! xx

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