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Mei Photo Challenge: Week 1 Favourites

Week One of the #MeiPhotoChallenge has gone by and your photos have been making me smile! Here are some of my favourites…

Day 1: Something Blue

by @clarat56
by @thelat_86
by @sturmfrei2017


Day 2: Leaves

by Liz Higgins
by Katie Hall
by Pat Latimer


Day 3: A Face

by Hannah Boylin
by Pearl Foo
by Rebecca Bailia-Sisk


Day 4 : Love

by @jossy_alice
by @thelat_86
by @mydailynormal


Day 5: Upside Down

by @jossy_alice
by Liz Higgins
Metal horse reflecting in blue water (kelpie from Scotland)
by Pat Latimer


Day 6: Bokeh

spider's web with waterdrops on it which are out of focus on a green background
by @mydailynormal
A bottle of Glenlivet whisky (green with cream label) and a blue tinted background with fairy lights out of focus (bokeh)
by @thelat_86
white blossom flowers on a branch with the background out of focus
by Pat Latimer


Day 7: Black & White

Greek statue whit on black background
by @pedro_lambo
tabby cat lying on a man's lap in black & white
by @rebecca_bailia-sisk
Close-up of a guitar in black & white
by @mydailynormal

Some cracking shots from week 1 everyone! Nice work!

Looking forward to week two! x

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