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Why I Love This Shot – The Eyes of Skye

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged in this series but I’m back! And here’s my latest “Why I Love This Shot” for you.

This is Skye, from a much more recent shoot than my other images so far. He’s a rescue border collie who I had the privilege of photographing earlier this month.  Skye really spoke to me not only because of my love of all things canine, but because of his story.

A rescue from a pitiful life chained to the back of a van, Skye arrived with his new family shut down and robotic. His previous life had taught him that the best way to survive was to block out the world. Shut down. Empty eyed. So thin you could wrap your hands around his waist and then some.

When I met him, Skye had been at his new home with owner Lorraine for just under a year. If I didn’t know his story, I wouldn’t have guessed. He is fit, healthy and his beautiful eyes sparkled. His connection with his new guardian was clear. She was constantly in his sight and she was his protector when anything made him feel unsure.

Rescues always speak to me. I have so much room in my heart for people who look after these animals and give them a second chance. Skye’s beautiful eyes are hypnotic. Look at how they sparkle! Just as they should…


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