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BLOGtober Round Up!

November 30th. I can’t believe it. This past month has flown by, faster than I can remember any month going ever!  I feel like I blinked and missed it!

You’ll remember that last month I was attempting to blog every day for the month of October, BLOGtober… I managed 28 out of 30 days. Not too bad!  You may also remember that I was blogging via my three different blogs: 

It’s a little tricky to track them all so I thought I’d round them all up here for you to read.  Here goes…

October 1st:

Welcome to BLOGtober!

October 2nd:

Lost Along the Way…

October 3rd:

Baby Claudia

October 4th:

Birthday Girl

October 5th:

Beauty in the Details

October 6th:

A Grizzly Encounter

October 7th:

Wedding Nerves…

October 8th:

The Glancy Family

October 9th:

European Bee Eaters

October 10th:

Why I Love This Shot – A new blog series.

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