BLOGtober Round Up!

October 21st:

The Social Business

October 22nd:

Why I Love This Shot – Real Beauty

October 23rd:

Adopt Don’t Shop: Helping Friends

October 24th:

The Importance of Taking a Stand

October 25th:

How I Got This Shot – Herd on the Run

October 26th:

Why I Love This Shot – Cheeky Munchkin

October 27th:

First Blogtober Fail!  Not too bad considering! I was flying home and just didn’t get online.

October 28th:

10 Weeks, 10 Selfies – A Photographer In Front of the Lens

October 29th:

Blogtober Fail 2!  Oops! You’ll maybe forgive me since I was out on my Hen Do this day! xx

October 30th:

Facing Anxiety

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